As I shift more and more from a WARN to WATCH posture (I’ve always been watching), I’d like to share some resources you can use to keep an eye on big picture and local developments: University of Washington STATE BY STATE PROJECTIONS: When will each state peak. What will happen. EXCELLENT SITE WITH GRAPHS SHOWING VIRUS GROWTH BY COUNTRY. WORLDOMETER U.S. AND STATE DATA with graphs. DETAILED U.S. STATE DATA AND POLICY UPDATES: What is your state doing about COVID19 (hint: probably not a lot). Important…use this to urge state lawmakers to act now*** CORONAVIRUS ACT NOW: How much time does your state have to act? Johns Hopkins Global Tracker: THE BIG PICTURE. Straight forward. No frills. NEW YORK TIMES UPDATE: Superb graphics. Gives you a great sense of how this is progressing in the U.S. BREAKING NEWS crowd sourced tracker. A little chaotic until you zoom in, but it links you to articles used to source information. CDC COVID19 PAGE: At a glance information and nice U.S. map with state statistic. WORLDOMETER COVID19 PAGE: Goes from big to little picture with charts of trajectories plus country by country data THE COVID TRACKING PROJECT: U.S. State data Confirmed cases, testing


(unless something game changing arises): STAY HOME, unless you are running essential household missions (food, pharmacy, critical repairs, etc) OR you are working in an environment that doesn’t put you at risk of infection (you decide).  IF YOU GET INFECTED TODAY, and you get critically or severely sick (estimated 20%)—YOU MOST LIKELY WILL NOT GET THE CARE YOU NEED TO RECOVER. The last golden ticket for a ventilator was handed out some time a week or more ago. The virus has been spreading quietly for weeks at this point. DON’T RISK IT.  THERE’S NO DOWNSIDE TO PLAYING IT SAFE. IF I’M WRONG—ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER CREDIBLE VIROLOGY EXPERT, DISEASE EPIDEMIOLOGIST AND PUBLIC HEALTHCARE EXPERT—I’ll gladly eat crow so to speak. I’ll be relieved, frankly. Like Dr. Fauci said…THIS IS THE TIME TO OVERREACT.  20% (1 in 5) are likely to require hospitalization to survive or avoid lifelong lung complications. BAD ODDS. DON’T COUNT ON A BREAKTHROUGH. The medicines they are experimenting with may help…LATER. They won’t be available in the quantities needed soon. JUST ASSUME THAT.  STAY HOME. STAY SAFE. SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS. Previous COVID19 POSTS: February 27March 1March 9March 12