The Black Flagged Series

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Daniel Petrovich, the most lethal operative created by the Department of Defense’s Black Flag Program, protects a secret buried in the deepest vaults of the Pentagon.

Blackmailed into executing one final mission, Daniel’s carefully constructed “life”rapidly disintegrates into a relentless federal manhunt–and a “24-style” race against the clock to suppress the shocking truth about his past.

To survive, he’ll release the darkest side of his concealed identity. A dark side with few boundaries–and even fewer loyalties.

Black Flagged lays the foundation for a gritty, high-octane series exploring the serpentine link between covert operations and government agency politics.

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69 responses to “The Black Flagged Series

  1. Brent McCoy

    just finished the Black Flagged Books, Awesome writing! I cant wit for #5!

  2. Just read book 1 of the black flagged series…wow ..Great read ..
    Thanks Johnny

  3. Katherine Norton

    Fall 2014 seems far away! I have enjoyed the series so much that a reread is in progress. My oldest son (USNA 2016) will dig in as soon as Physics II is over! Thank you very much for providing such well written entertainment.

    • It does seem far away, Katherine. A reread sounds fantastic. I wish I had the time to do something like that. Actually, it’s less about the time than the fact that I can’t read my own work without editing. It’s a terribly annoying curse. I’ll end up taking notes and ruining the experience.

      USNA 2016! Wow! Youngster year should give him plenty of spare time…not really. Physics II. Brings back memories…bad memories. Not as bad as Electrical Engineering. What is his proposed major?

  4. Katherine Norton

    Time for reading can seem like a luxury. The Black Flagged series requires no further editing; the character development as well as the complex and tight plot lines standout in a genre so focused on action.

    Max will be haunted by Physics II for years to come! He is a history major and seems to be focusing on the Middle East. We were expats for most of his childhood including some time in the UAE. He seems eager to get back out there.

    Again, thank you for such a great series. I am eagerly anticipating Fall 2014.

  5. Cheryl

    I’m halfway through the 4th book & just had to tell you how much I enjoy them! They are very well written and the pace keeps me entertained. I hate to put them down each night. I will check out your other series while waiting for book #5. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Cheryl. I never realize how much fun I have writing the Black Flagged books until I’m done. I get so intensely drawn into the process, that I don’t really have the opportunity to enjoy. Reading the books afterward is a treat. Very glad you’ve enjoyed them. Book 5 will be out in the fall (2014). I plan to make this the best of the series (somehow).

  6. Jared McHugh

    Read all the Black Flagged. Cannot wait for the next one. Absolutely awesome. Also just finished Jakarta Pandemic. Also great.

    • Jared, Thanks for the kind words. You’ll love the rest of the series. The storyline expands and the action triples. Glad you like Jakarta too! Really appreciate the readership. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  7. Brent McCoy

    Jared, You are correct. I am sure you will enjoy the Jakarta series. Excellent author, I just read them too fast! Maybe I will go back and read Black Flagged again before the new one comes out! I now have my wife hooked!

    • Brent, I’m envious whenever I hear that a reader was able to read through the books quickly. I’d love to disappear for a week and read all of these books in a row (without a pad of paper…no editing allowed). Really happy to hear that your wife is hooked! I try to include strong female characters so the series appeals to everyone. Thanks for the continued readership and support!

  8. Steve

    I was wondering when the 2nd and 3rd Black Flagged books will be available on Itunes?

    • Unfortunately, my publishing contract with Amazon will prevent books 2-4 from distribution on Amazon. If you don’t mind my emailing you, I have another solution. Let me know.

  9. Love, love, love the Black flagged series. I’ve read all 4 and am anxious for #5. I was hoping it would be ready now….but alas it’s not. Fall is too far away to see how Reznikov gets what’s coming to him!!!

    • How do you know Reznikov will get his due? Just kidding…sort of. Book 5 will turn the series upside down a bit, putting all of our favorite “good guys” on the run and on the defensive. Reprisals has a double meaning in the title. Late fall! Thanks for the kind words!

      • Are you kidding me? Waiting for #5 has now become excruciating!!!!!! I am a substitute teacher and I have my summer off. What am I to do now??? 🙂
        Berg is in trouble for sure! The Petroviches didn’t show up for 4, so it will be interesting how you weave them back in. Excited!

  10. Sorry! 😉 The Petrovich duo will be back in force. Yes, Berg is in trouble, along with Sanderson. The whole crew is in the cross hairs…plus, the new administration might not be so Black Flagged friendly. I plan to shake it up as much as possible.

    Have you read the Perseid Collapse series by yours truly? If not, you may enjoy it. Same gritty feel and build up to action.

    • Brenda

      Hello, Steven I love your books so much. I just finished #4 BF. I see this post is almost 2 years old and still no book #5. I have read ALL of your other books and have preordered the new series. What’s a Konkoly addict to do??? My other favorite author is Bobby Adair, I am starting Slow Burn #9 and will done soon. No one compares to your quality of story telling but Bobby. Y’all got to keep writing. I guess I’ll have to start reading your collabs or clean out my closets! Reading is more fun!!! Thank you!
      PS I just read through the rest of the comments and see that #5 will come out this summer. Ok I’ll wait!
      PPS. I’ve read the first 2 of the Boston Brahmin series, jury is still out, did not care for it, sorry.
      You are still my favorite author of this genre though! Thanks

      • Brenda, Thank you for the kind words! I’ve been promising book #5 for some time now, and keep delaying it. I say this summer, but don’t hold your breath. Sorry! My new series, Fractured State is like Black Flagged…you’ll love it.

        As for the Boston Brahmin series, I only wrote a few chapters of the first book, and had nothing to do with book 2…which is probably why it didn’t feel like my other books. Thanks for trying it, though. Try Fractured State in May, when it is released. I think this one will grab you.

  11. Rick Cornwall

    Just finished the series. Very difficult to put down. I will have a difficult time waiting for Daniel and Jessica to get their revenge!

  12. Brian Sutherland

    I came across Black Flagged a couple of months ago while looking at free kindle books, and the description was interesting. It was unlike anything I have ever read and was hard to put down. Fortunately for me, books 2-4 were already available, and it didn’t take long for me to read them. Now I am upset in that I have to wait for book 5 and am grateful that wait won’t be long. Daniel was mostly MIA in book 4, but Farrington handled the action well. I enjoy Berg’s maneuvering to get the job done to support the guys on the ground regardless of potential consequences. I will also check out some of your other books. I look forward to Daniel rejoining the fight.

  13. Ian Beringer

    Any update on the release of book 5?! The suspense is killing me! On a serious note, the black flagged series has quickly become my favorite. Keep up the great work! I look forward to MUCH more like this! Your attention to detail, like the weapons and equipment used, just sets your writing above all others. To say your in the same league as Clancy would be a disservice to you!

    • Ian, almost missed this. Sorry! Book 5 will be written at the very beginning of 2015, hopefully launched in March. I had originally intended to write it this fall, but I’ve had my hands full with smaller projects and a few unexpected opportunities. Thank you for the kind words…humbling to hear this. Seriously.

  14. Stanislav Kushnir

    Hi Steve!
    First of all, your Black Flagged Series is awesome!!! So much intrigue involved in covert ops, especially the role of the politicians in the series. I have a question: What is Dan Petrovich’s role in the black flagged series? I know he’s the leader of the squad, but is he a sniper? Demolitions expert? Ground support? I was still kind of confused as I was reading the books. I know in some scenes he’s sniping the enemy. What is his specialty exactly?


  15. Stan, super excited to hear that you’ve enjoyed the series. THANK YOU! So to answer your question, Daniel’s primary specialty is sniper operations. He obviously does a bit of everything, and does it well, but I had intended for him to be one of the new Black Flagged groups primary snipers. He started out doing this in Serbia, during the first Black Flagged program, and ends up as Sanderson’s primary sniper instructor in Argentina. They all shoot pretty accurately, so it’s a little hard to differentiate. Hope that helped.

  16. Edmund Siqueira

    Evening Steven,

    Finished all four Black Flagged books. Avid reader of all sorts of black ops novels but must say yours are the best written by far. Waiting patiently for book 5. Any update?

  17. Apriljoy

    Absolutely loved black flagged 1-4. As a female reader the character development is critical to my enjoyment. I love the development of Berg, Farrington, as well as the Petrovichs, without bogging down the action. Superb!! Please hurry with number 5.

  18. Bill

    black flagged is a great series! I just started the print copy of Vektor, but can’t find the audio version. Is there one?

  19. Bill, the audio version is in the works. I expect to have it produced by late April or May. May be too late. I appreciate the kind words!

  20. Donna Hannon

    You Sir are unbelievable. I haven’t enjoyed a series this much since I read Patricia Cromwell and her many works of fiction. You have reached if not by passed the works of John Grisham and Michael Crichton. The first few sentences into one of your great works, grabs ahold of you and all you can do is buckle up for the ride of your life. I am going to be a lifelong fan.

  21. Jerry


    Awesome writing. I am hooked. You are up there with the best, no doubt. When can we expect black flagged five? Will I get an email since I signed up to your website? Thank you again for the excellent reading.


    • Thanks, Jerry. I really appreciate hearing that. Black Flagged Five is in limbo. I’m knee deep in another series, though I think it will appeal to you. It’s a dystopian technothriller based in southern California in 2035. Picture very drought and a state of quasi-martial law in the southwest, with black ops teams countering each other in a conspiracy.

  22. Drew

    Holy crap, what an awesome set of books. my dad emailed me saying to check out your work, which led to a two week binge read in which I read your persied collapse series starting with the jakarta pandemic then all your black flagged books. I must say coming from reading guys like Steven Pressfield I was a little skeptical, but wow I couldnt put them down once I started. My wife kept asking what was so funny in a damn book that had me laughing so hard. You have a special talent and I truly look forward to book 5. My binge ended about twenty minutes ago with the end of vektor and im actually kinda sad. Keep up the great work, cant wait.

  23. Grant Ramage

    Come on Steven, give us more Black Flagged. Are you spreading yourself too thin with other projects?!

  24. Lou

    What happened to book 5 Reprisals ? Very disappointed you started a different series instead.

  25. Brent McCoy

    Lou, I understand. I loved the series. You know the next one will be awesome though, take heart he will not leave his fans high and dry! Preorder his June release.

  26. Andy Muir

    Absolutely love the books, unfortunately Google play has taken them off us in Australia so we will never get to finish Apex or even start vektor.



  27. Roy Brotherhood

    Just finished book four and am looking forward to book five. Fantastic series that holds your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Please don’t make us wait too long for the next book.

  28. Jack Malone

    Are you still looking at late summer 2016 for book 5 of the Black Flag series. I really enjoyed the first 4 book and am looking forward to the next one. I have also read some of your other books and looking for new reading material now.



    • Jack, at the risk of having to hire a body guard, I don’t know! I hate to say that, because it REALLY looked like I was going to write it this summer. Things change rapidly, so it’s still possible. Thanks for the kind words about books 1-4. You enjoy my upcoming Fractured State series (launches May 17), very much like Black Flagged in many ways.

  29. Clyde Platt

    I just blew through all four of the current Black Flagged books and then spent a frustrating time* trying to find the fifth in the series on the assumption it was released in 2014. Now I see that other events have interrupted your publication plan(s). Like many others, I certainly hope you conclude the cycle. If you push past late summer 2016 may start a betting pool for its eventual release date. In all seriousness (well not all, but more seriously) I feel like I’ve misappropriated your work by reading the books via my Kindle Unlimited account; I can’t imagine you make any significant amount from that arrangement. As I result, I find myself in the predicament of not wanting to purchase the books I’ve already read since I won’t reread them, but wanting to fork over some money for your efforts in a way that Amazon doesn’t siphon off any of that contribution. Do you have an avenue for me to just send you a bit of cash for past services rendered? If you’re like my musician friends, every dollar that goes directly to you is the equivalent of a lot more that get washed through commercial channels.


    Clyde Platt

    *Hey – you try to use a Kindle at 4 am that keeps locking up due to poor wireless combined with the operator’s stubby fingers and his “software” glitches looking for a book that is mentioned and teased at the end of Book 4 and doesn’t exist when there are 58 entries for “Steven Konkoly” only half of which actually relate to that author. It’s enough to send someone into pressing the button for other Konkoly Kindle Unlimited titles and reading them with half of one’s brain wondering what is going on in and with Book 5.

    PS I will continue to read your other books. Reading about pandemics and other apocalyptic scenarios is about the only thing that makes this election cycle bearable.

    • Clyde, first the bad news…circumstances have conspired to more than likely delay book 5 in the BF series again. It’s too complicated to explain, but I will write this book, and the reason I know that I will write it will be well worth hearing. I know that’s cryptic, but trust me, there is a light at the end of this tunnel…and it won’t be you getting hit by a truck’s headlights. That’s sort of good news, too? Your description of the late night Kindle search is classic. I may have to steal this and repost on Facebook…awesome.

      The good news is that there’s no need to buy any of my books out of fear that I’m not being compensated fairly. Without going into the details, if you read one of my books from start to finish, I get paid the same royalty rate I would receive if you purchased the book. I appreciate your concern…and if you still want to send me bags of money, I would be more than happy to accept them. 😉

      This election cycle is essentially an apocalyptic scenario I couldn’t have possibly created on my own. It’s just unbelievable on every front, and 20 years from now…if we are still alive from the fallout…nobody will believe it happened for real. Fiction. Has to be fiction.

      • Clyde Platt

        I’ll be sure to trigger your royalties, but unfortunately I suspect it doesn’t amount to even one bag on money. In any event, there are four royalty units in the bag and a fifth on the way. I’m sure there will be more. I read quite a bit and alternate between nonfiction and fiction, so I’m just as certain that I’ll read your ultimate Black Flagged tale as you are that you’ll write it. And do keep on writing, Steven. You have an inventive imagination, a good sense of purpose, and an apparently unrelenting work ethic. It takes courage to follow your calling, so you can add a bit of the bravery to rely on creativity for a living to that list. Cheers.

  30. Hey Clyde,
    just received email from Steve- book 5 in definitely in the works
    it is called vortex and Steve says it will be completed late fall
    check his blog/facebook

  31. Sandy Chadwick

    When will Black Flag Reprisal be released?

  32. and yes I do believe you!!!! and I also believe in santa claus and the easter bunny and the good fairy!!!!!!!

  33. I do believe you and I am looking forward to it with the utmost anticipation. I assume this finish up this series of black flagged novels???— oh and I hope u are starting to get back into some type
    of exercise routine- u had better

    • Book 5 will close several loops, but unveil a new, more sinister conspiracy. I don’t think you’ll see it coming. It will set me up for a follow-up series, featuring whoever survives the upcoming mayhem.

      And yes, I have jumped into a new exercise routine. Swimming and running, plus some military style calisthenics. Back to the basics!

  34. fantastic!!!!!
    good for u — we must keep u healthy so that u can get all that writing done to make your readers happy and to also put food on your table!!!
    as always thx for the updates steven

  35. hi Steve,
    gobble gobble – don’t eat too much!!!!
    question – I saw somewhere on your facebook vortex is coming out in dec
    is this true?????
    secondly what is omega on kindle coming out in feb-a short story?????
    wishing you the best of holidays and ill chat at after reading vortex


  37. Read Black Flagged books 1-5 and am wondering when the follow up book (#6?) will be released!

  38. dave sajovic

    I am trying to find the printable list of characters for APEX.
    Says they can be found on your blog.

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    It was really informative. Your site is very helpful.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  40. Shaun

    Just finished the first 5 books, when will we get to finish the series? Good read!

  41. Steve Stewart

    I figured you would wind up the series with book 5 – please don’t leave us hanging!

  42. Tony

    Looking for Book 6 in the BF series

    I see reference to Black Flag Reprisal, what is it?

  43. Steven Konkoly

    It’s not out yet. Looking at 2018, possibly early 2019. Wish it were sooner.

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