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The Fractured State series charts an “all too likely” near-future vision of America, threatened by resource scarcity and teetering on the brink of political chaos. When average family man Nathan Fisher unwittingly learns of a terrifying conspiracy at the highest levels of power, he and his family must run for their lives, pursued by ruthless killers and aided by a resourceful Marine with a mysterious agenda of his own. Unrelenting suspense; rich, relatable characters; and a vividly imagined, all-too-believable future world of high technology and low-down violence: welcome to Fractured State.

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A man collides with a sinister political conspiracy, in an explosive race against time.”

In a future California, on the brink of political upheaval, a high profile assassination triggers a cascade of violence and sabotage facilitated by the highest levels of power. Nathan Fisher, an unassuming government employee, is drawn into the unraveling conspiracy, after accidentally witnessing a suspiciously timed, clandestine military-style operation.

Hunted by ruthless killers seeking to ensure his silence, suspected by the authorities, and aided only by a loyal Marine officer with a mysterious agenda, Fisher and his family must somehow stay a step ahead of their relentless pursuers, navigating a dangerously changed world, in a desperate search for sanctuary.

With their lives on the line and California on the brink of secession, can they save themselves—and ultimately their country?”



AMAZON USUKCanadaAustralia

“Pursued by Mason Flagg and the sinister Cerberus organization, Nathan and his embattled family—accompanied by tough-as-nails Marine David Quinn—make a desperate run across the blasted wastes of the western United States and Mexico, seeking sanctuary in Nevada.

Woefully outmanned and outgunned by a cadre of ruthless Russian mercenaries enlisted by Flagg, and closely pursued by the drug cartels that rule the ravaged Southwest, the Fishers need some serious help to survive…but at what price?”