2015 was kind of a slow writing year for me. I have a deadline to meet at the end of February, and more books to write after that. The more I write, the more you get to read. I plan to accomplish this by…


Sorry, but this is a polite way of saying “spend less time on social media.” I’m not going away, but every word I type on Facebook is one word taken away from my work in progress. Added up (and it ADDS UP!), this forces me to work longer days to meet deadlines, and ultimately takes time away from…


There’s no reason for me to be writing during family time on weekends. A few hours in the morning by choice is still fine. I like to write every day, even if just for an  hour or two, and I can do that in the early morning hours when most of the house is asleep. But spending most of the weekend days writing to meet an easily achievable deadline is not healthy or fair to the most important parts of my life. Same goes for weekday evenings. Cutting out social media related event time is one way to help with this, the other is…


The cross country move threw what I considered a tight schedule WAY off track. In military terms, it did not survive first contact with the enemy. No more of that. The first thing I’m going to do every morning is stretch out with the 5 Tibetans (Hugh Howey introduced me to these—check out the video), fix a coffee, and spend an hour walking and WRITING on THIS CONTRAPTION! I’ll be up early enough to do all of this and hang out with the kids before they head to school. Then it’s off to the gym or out for a run. I plan to spend to be at my other desk by 9AM. I’ll probably see the treadmill again before the end of the day whistle blows between 4-5PM. If I hit 3K words before 4-5PM, I’M DONE.




My new routine will ensure that I exercise more. The concept of regular exercise took a vacation in 2015. My goal for the year is to be in as good or better shape than Alex Fletcher from my Perseid Collapse Series. That may sound kind of strange, but I have a reason for this goal. I write a lot of post-apocalyptic, prepper-related fiction where characters are constantly fighting for their lives. It’s over the top stuff for sure, but it really drives home an important point. What’s the point of readiness and prepping, even for a minor emergency, if you’re too out of shape to execute your plan?

Fat militia

I chose Alex Fletcher, because he wasn’t a physical super star. He could run 4-5 miles at a decent pace, carry a pack on an extended hike, swim several hundred yards against a mild current and sprint around shooting at the bad guys for a few minutes without vomiting. That’s all I’m looking for. And I wouldn’t mind NOT looking like a tub of $#@! in vacation photos. The lens doesn’t lie! While more exercise will  help, shedding the FAT weight equivalent to a rucksack helps even more. For that, I plan to…



More on this later. The food plan doesn’t start until January 5….and I have BEER waiting in the fridge. 




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19 responses to “NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS

  1. clotdoc ole'

    If you accomplish all those goals,you’re an example for us all!

  2. I’ve been doing the 5 Tibetans every morning since Hugh showed that video too. And I’m a fat, very out of shape guy. They were really hard at first, but they’re getting easier and I think they really help with my back (too much sitting) and overall health. As for a 4-5 mile run, I might be able do that if you carried me in your rucksack.

    Have a great year!

    • I think they help with back issues too. I can hear my back crackling during the 5th Tibetan. Maybe I should work up to transporting you in a fireman’s carry for 4-5 miles…that would be the supreme SEAL TEAM SIX challenge/resolution. Hope your year is fantastic, Mackay. Looking forward to more of your industry observations.

  3. Reblogged this on Lynda Filler, author, poet and commented:
    Now here’s a writer who’s got it all under control!
    My hero!

  4. Inspiring! I think the word that comes to mind from all of the top authors is discipline. Yikes, I don’t even waste time with the gym membership–which is free! Shared your words.

  5. Oh my gosh, I too am familiar with the five Tibetans…at the very least. The biggest one I agree with is laying off social media. Making my word count the priority of the day. Once that’s done, I can take a break. That’s what I’m going to stick with this year.

    • I think it will make a massive difference. I’m trying for a noon time social media check-in, and maybe one later in the afternoon, after my daily goals have been met.

      • I agree, doing the Social check first thing in the morning is too distracting and snowballs into losing at least an major part of your morning on all sorts of things that have no bearing on your bottom line. Time to be more responsible with my given day.

  6. Major Gordon Yates

    Dude, I can see why you’re a successful indie writer. The creativity to come up with these – workout more? Eat less? Spend time with family? You held her hand? In the woods? Spaz you’re on your way! Tap that creativity maple tree brother, there’s liquid gold in there. My big resolution is to be more positive and less sarcastic. And also to use less movie quotes in my communications. I think I’m crushing those bad boys here on day one. Your welcome.

    • For a second, you had me with MGY. Wonder what happened to him. I’ll never forget the look on his face when I rolled into the shop after essentially disobeying LTCOL Loftis’s order to fly out to San Clemente Island with the NGLO class. Hey, I never heard Loftis give the order, so it didn’t count.

      I’m teaching a creativity course for writers in February, if you want to cash in on the true secrets of my success. Things like “charge money for your books,” and “the more people that see your books, the more you will sell.”

      • Doc Dockery

        Sign me up. Just unearthed my copy of Love Games whilst digging thru the garage. I’ll play one of the tracks as an intro to the first lesson. And as far as your resolutions – if it ain’t broke then don’t try to (falsetto – don’t try to fix it) fix it.

      • If you truly found that CD, I will gladly pay you to have a copy made. That’s a classic, featuring Natural Boy Ruckus. Summertime.

  7. Steven Aumiller

    I look forward to more of YOUR writing! The novella’ are cool but I got hooked on your style. I gave up facepuke for the next 6 months………I know people who write kind of need it, so no need for the draconian method I chose. As for the exercise, hoo-rah. Whatever it takes. One of many loyal fans, Augiegonebad!

    • Thanks, Steven. Yeah, I sort of need to be “near” facepuke, but not all day. Hoo-rah is right. I didn’t feel very much like saying that this morning. Appreciate your readership!

  8. Nuns on bicycles

    BTW, I’d pay big money to see a video of you executing Tibetian #1. I am laughing out loud right now picturing it. Reminds me of the exercises the marines rolled into the daily seven. The one where you roll your knees around. I don’t remember too many Devil Dogs excited to do that one.

    • If you get a Kickstarter campaign running, I’ll start filming. Tibetan #1 is the worst of the 5. I remember the knee rolling exercise. I think more Marines “rolled” their knees into a light duty chit than benefited from that one.

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