Dispatches, the 4th and final book in The Perseid Collapse Series

1245 Steve Konkoly ebook DISPATCHES_2The launch of Dispatches signals the end of my work in The Perseid Collapse Series. It’s hard to describe how much fun I’ve had writing the Perseid books and reconnecting with post-apocalyptic and prepper oriented readers. It has certainly kept me busy for the past year and a half.

How did I end up writing a fourth book in a planned trilogy? The short answer? Little goes as planned when writing a series. After finishing Point of Crisis, I thought The Perseid Collapse series was done. I couldn’t have been more mistaken. As I walked away from the series, glancing fondly over my shoulder, two major questions emerged from emails, reviews and blog comments. 1.) What’s happening in the world outside of New England? 2.) What’s going to happen to the Fletchers after the winter?

Ideas formed, and before I knew it, a new concept emerged. One that would address both themes voiced by readers. A hybrid novel—essentially two stories in one.

Dispatches is broken into two parts. Big Picture and Little Picture. Big Picture takes readers across the globe, to conflicts arising in the absence of the United States’ foreign presence. Of course, America is not out of the fight—she’s just taking a quieter, more satisfying role in the unfolding events. Little Picture pulls you back to Maine, to once again walk in Alex Fletcher’s shoes.

Without a doubt, writing the final lines was a bittersweet moment. Time to start something new, but hard to say goodbye. Fortunately, the world lives on with nearly 20 authors working on close to 30 novellas to complement the original series. The Perseid Collapse Series Kindle World, brought to readers through a special arrangement with Amazon, will keep the world alive and well long after I’ve stopped writing. I invite you to check out the incredible selection of novellas written by talented authors across several genres. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out the Kindle Worlds novellas. 

What am I working on now? A romance novel set in the 1920’s. Just kidding. In my ample spare time (sarcasm), I have  created the framework for a new series set in a dystopian, drought wracked California. Talk of secession is in the air, in a frighteningly familiar, yet ultimately alien landscape. More to come on my new series soon.


  1. gregory says:

    As always very excited to read the four book in this trilogy. I truly hope Alex is resurrected in the future. I am sure he could play a roll in fixing California! Thanks for the SERIES!!!

      • gregory says:

        62 just a kid in my book. Old enough to know how. Ryan is the muscle. Love to see the cameo. My review indicated I would like to see a Ryan follow up as well?

  2. Brian Switzer says:

    I’ve only read Jakarta and the first two books of the Perseid series, so it’s entirely possible you’ve already written a book like I’m about to suggest and I just haven’t come to it yet. But I would love to read something you wrote from the POV of a villain.

    You write bad guys better than just about anybody that comes to mind- Manson in the Jakarta book and especially Eli in Perseid are both horribly villainous and great fun to read.

    • Steven Konkoly says:

      Brian, I haven’t written anything like this yet, beyond the characters you’ve mentioned. In book 2 of my Black Flagged series, I feature a disturbed Russian bioweapons engineer. He’s certifiably insane, but doesn’t know it.

      Here’s the good news. Through the Perseid Collapse Series Kindle Worlds program, two authors have finished novellas featuring the baddies from the series. Bobby Akart spins a mean tale about Eli Russell from the start of the Perseid event until he’s introduced in my book.It’s called Evil, Meet Opportunity, and it’s a fantastic descent into the insanity I started with this character. FOLLOW THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD IT

      Also, Steven Bird is putting the finishing touches on Manson’s story. I’m reading it now, and it’s groundbreaking stuff. You will actually feel sorry for the guy…I don’t want to, but Bird tells a compelling story about the pandemic from Jake Turner’s point of view (Manson). I expect it to be released this weekend or early next week. Very excited about this. So there you have it. Ask and ye shall receive.

      And thank you for the compliment about writing bad guys. I hope that doesn’t mean I have a deep rooted problem. 😉

  3. Carol says:

    So glad you did this fourth book but am also troubled. The Fletcher’s and their extended family, in the end, could not make it on their own; even with their extraordinary preparations. For them to survive, it will take not only a community, but how much more? I would rather have seen them settle in with Harrison Campbell than be dependent on the government through Grady. Of course, I know that Campbell’s group only exists through the government’s tolerance, but his group is certainly less dependent on the government than Alex’s group..

    Nevertheless, this series has been an exceptional read and I enjoyed every minute.

    Maybe, at some point in the future, you could tell Ryan and Chloe’s story. Make it totally their own

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