Author Spotlight: Ian Graham

The Perseid Collapse Series Kindle World

Author Spotlight: Ian Graham

Amsterdam directorateIn The Amsterdam Directorate, Political and covert operations thriller writer, Ian Graham, explores the impact of the Perseid Event, on the dynamics of a township still recovering from The Jakarta Pandemic. Set in rural Virginia, less than 150 miles from the largest recorded land strike in The Perseid Collapse Series, Ian puts his characters in the crosshairs of a natural and manmade collapse. The town of Amsterdam has mostly recovered from the 2013 pandemic, thanks to the directorate, but their hard won independence will be tested by outside forces hell bent on their destruction. 

I’m in the middle of reading Ian’s novel, which I guarantee will please fans of the series, along with SHTF readers everywhere. Ian is no stranger to gritty, no holds barred action, so hang on for a fast-paced ride through a unique post-apocalyptic landscape.

To dig a little deeper into Ian’s world, check out his website.

Political/Covert Ops thriller readers will be pleasantly surprised by his Black Shuck series.



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2 responses to “Author Spotlight: Ian Graham

  1. Reblogged this on AR Shaw and commented:
    I’m happy to present another Perseid Collapse Kindle World Author Spotlight!

  2. Hey Steve, I am getting your emails and am purchasing some extra books as a result. I am currently halfway through Shaw’s second book, “Graham’s Resolution.

    Quick question: I am unfamiliar with how Kindle World works. How do I find these authors who are adding to the Perseid story aside from your emails? You would think in Kindle Worlds it would be easier to find associated books aside from SEARCH>>PERSEID !

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