EVENT HORIZON: Book Two in The Perseid Collapse

Cover Design and Pre-Order

The cover design for EVENT HORIZON is insanely amazing. Jeroen ten Berge went beyond the call of duty on this one…it doesn’t hurt that he has read every word of these books and has a deep understanding of The Perseid Collapse world. His vision of Boston’s post-apocalyptic landscape is evocative to say the least. Thank you, Jeroen!

I’ve seen bits and pieces of his creative process before, but nothing like this. He’s taken an iconic image of Boston and transformed it into the hell Alex Fletcher must face in EVENT HORIZON. Truly epic!

Before you take a look, and I forget. EVENT HORIZON will be available as an e-book on March 20th. YOU CAN PREORDER EVENT HORIZON TODAY

1051 Steve Konkoly ebook EVENT HORIZON_3_L

Boston before the fire



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2 responses to “EVENT HORIZON: Book Two in The Perseid Collapse

  1. I came across your books on Audible. I am listening to Event Horizon right now. I have enjoyed both books. Although it does have me wondering if I shouldn’t start “prepping” now.

    Looking forward to seeing how this all ends.

  2. These books have a tendency to spark some serious “prepping” worry. I’m watching the Ebola situation in Africa. Glad you’ve enjoyed the books. Part 3 of the series will be available through Audible by the end of August, maybe early September.

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