More Excuses…two of them

I have become really proficient at coming up with excuses not to write…don’t worry, I’m “running” out of them. So here is my dilemma and a possible solution:

I used to write in the evening, after everyone “sallied forth” to bed (including my beloved), however, I recently started to run in the morning…and if I stay up past 10:00, I will not get up in time to run, fix breakfast for two fully competent kid (get it…they can make their own breakfast), pack lunches/snacks (another thing they can do) and watch a few minutes of tragedy or “men behaving badly” on the Today Show. Of course, “the crew” does not retire for the evening until 8:45, and my spirited daughter can be heard running back and forth, or bouncing on her bed until well after 9. She stays up later than my wife on most occasions. It doesn’t leave me with a lot of time.

Running in the morning, which at first seemed to be another hindrance, may turn out to be my savior. I run every other day, but still wake up rather early on non-run days (especially during the summer months). I think this will have to be my new writing time. A fresh cup of coffee, hopefully a cool breeze blowing through the office…and compete silence in the house for a few hours. This will have to work for me, or it may be a long time until you see a finished copy of Black Flagged. The Plot Chart is staring me in the face.

As a side note. Through Amazon sales channels, I noted that 10 copies of The Jakarta Pandemic were purchased (at the same time) through the expanded sales channel option (used by bookstores and vendors to purchase at wholesale prices). What does this mean? I can only assume that a bookstore purchased enough copies to stack them on a shelf. I really wish I knew where. Keep your eyes open, and if you see copies of my book…please let me know, I’d like to personally thank them (and sign all ten copies).