The Culprit

Not sure how this will look on my blog…this is my first mobile posting. The vessel in the picture is the reason I have written a grand total of two pages in two weeks. Painting, waxing, buffing, varnishing, washing…more waxing. Leaving town for Memorial Day weekend didn’t help either.

Vessel Name: Dolci (Italian for candy or sweet). She certainly is a sweet boat, and well worth the distraction. Thanks to April showers, she’s almost three weeks late reaching the water. Today is the big day.

One more excuse for a low word count…but can you really blame me?


  1. Steven Konkoly says:

    Our club has a WiFi signal you can grab. I must admit that I haven’t done any writing out on the boat…a little warm inside the cabin when not underway, and too bright out on deck for my computer. I’m probably not dissuading you.

  2. Paul Jones says:

    She’s a beauty! What is she, about 34 feet?

    Here I am stuck in the middle of the damn desert. Haven’t seen the sea since leaving California in 2003… making me homesick now.


    • Steven Konkoly says:

      She’s a Sabre 28…34 feet would be a little big for us on day sails, however, after about a week or so cruising up the coast, I’d use up one of my three wishes to expand the boat by 6 feet.

      The desert is the one place we really miss out here. We lived in San Diego for several years, and loved taking a late spring day trip from the coast, thru the snow of the Cleveland National Forest, then into the Anza-Borrego desert. We never saw the spring flower bloom out there, which we regret.

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