Fractured State coverI’m so excited to get this book into your hands, I barely know where to start. Seriously, I’ve been staring at the same few sentences for the past ten minutes. I’ll make this easy on both of us, and start with an emotionally charged statement.

Fans of my previous novels will absolutely love this book! I know that’s a bold claim, but I really believe it. Fractured State brings the best of the Black Flagged and Perseid Collapse books to life in a fast paced, stylish thriller series. At its very core, Fractured State is a story about an innocent family—inadvertently dragged into the middle of a lethal struggle to determine California’s fate.

I’m going to vastly over simplify the story here, but picture Alex Fletcher and his family ruthlessly pursued through a near future, dystopian southern California, by a Black Flagged-like group with unlimited resources and an unquenchable thirst for murder. Unlike Alex, the new main character, Nathan Fisher, doesn’t have the hard skills required to keep his family alive against professional killers. He’s crafty—the son of a retired Marine Sergeant Major—but he’s in way over his head in Fractured State. Nathan gets help from an unlikely source—a Marine officer thrust into the situation by chance. Together, they fight to stay one step ahead of the shadowy group’s relentless efforts to silence the Fishers. You’re going to love these characters just as much as the story.

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For those of you thinking — “Wow, Steve couldn’t describe one of his books to save his own life!” Here is the official description for Fractured State.

“In 2035, the southwestern United States is ravaged by drought, reeling from an environmental catastrophe that has left the landscape a chaotic, depleted ruin. California, still viably inhabitable due to its oppressive social controls, marshals state-of-the-art surveillance technology and totalitarian policies to preserve its fragile hold on rapidly dwindling resources and an increasingly unsettled population.

After a prominent California congresswoman is assassinated for her support of the state’s secession from the United States, Nathan Fisher—accidental witness to a clandestine military-style operation—is drawn into an unraveling conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of power and threatens the lives of Fisher and his family.

Hunted by ruthless killers seeking to ensure his silence, suspected by the authorities, and aided only by a loyal Marine officer with a mysterious agenda, Fisher and his loved ones must somehow stay a step ahead of their relentless pursuers, navigating a ruined world in a desperate search for sanctuary.”



  1. roadrunner says:

    Martini Steve I hope your well. Buddy. I love getting your email updates and i have been keeping an eye On your success. Congratulations. By the way. I continue to slave away for the corporate giant. Which brings me to my point. Ever since I started with Pfizer I stopped putting aside the time to read a good book. I’m ready to pick one up. I thought I would start with an author I knew. I just want to start with your first one and read them in order. So which is the first one and best place to order it. Thx Steve Best to you Brian Adams

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    • Steven Konkoly says:

      Brian! Great to hear from you, man. Glad to hear that you’re still working for the man…Pfizer was and is not a bad overlord by ANY stretch of the imagination. I’d recommend that you start with Black Flagged Alpha, which is the first book in a covert ops-espionage series. You’ll enjoy it. Not many black and white characters…lots of grey area. The best place to order is through Amazon. Here’s a link or you can click on the thumbnail on the right side of the screen. You can get it in paper, ebook or even audio for those long drives. Great to hear from you, hope you didn’t get too much snow in that last storm. Nothing but rain here in the midwest, and 60 degree days.

  2. Leslie Bryant says:

    This book looks amazing. Already ordered and impatiently waiting. Seems like it’s been forever since your last book but did enjoy listening to you on Bobby Akart’s Prepping for Tomorrow radio show. I’m meeting Bobby next week in TN for the first time. Hmm, maybe he’ll have some cool stories about you. Leslie

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