Polar Bear Protection Instructor Duty

Polar bear 4A welcome break from writing, and an interesting morning in my fourth office (Scarborough Fish and Game Association). Author and magazine writer Tim Queeney chronicles my efforts to help a couple choose an effective, but manageable firearm for their sailing trip through the Northwest Passage. The catch? They’ve never touched a firearm before, and their choices are limited by Canadian and Greenland federal laws, which requires them to carry a shotgun or big game rifle to protect themselves from polar bears. Not exactly beginner firearms. Check out Tim’s recap of our morning at the gun range.

Polar Bear Protection 


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2 responses to “Polar Bear Protection Instructor Duty

  1. larry McAnany

    Steven, You make a really well written black flagged series fall flat on its face, you,your copywriter and editor should be taken back to journalism 101. We are not fighting a war on terror-we are fighting a war on terrorism. The word terror implies fear as in when we see darcula. Look it up in the dictionary. It is an almost fatal error. We are not fighting a war on being frightened.

  2. Larry, Take a look at this link.


    Global War on Terrorism is the text book term, but War on Terror was a perfectly acceptable term for the actions taken by the international community against Al Qaeda after 9/11. George Bush coined the phrase.

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