The Perseid Collapse goes live

Not that this comes as a big surprise. Still, it’s a little surreal to know that another book is out there, for anyone to read.

It’s a little scary too, since this is what I do for a living now. Write books. I no longer have a convenient paycheck rolling into my bank account, on top of what Amazon pays me. It’s actually a lot more exciting than scary, and it couldn’t feel better.

With that said, The Perseid Collapse is now available on Amazon. You can download the ebook or pre-order a hardcopy(will be shipped Dec 6th), or wait for the audiobook in January—can you really wait?

Apparently, someone has already read and reviewed The Perseid Collapse. It’s an incredible review, capturing the essence of the story.

Check it out: First Amazon Review for The Perseid Collapse.

Another review just hit Amazon from award winning writer and apocalyptic author, Joseph Souza: Souza’s Review

Welcome to  The Perseid Collapse world! 


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10 responses to “The Perseid Collapse goes live

  1. Excellent Steve! I will get the audible version and a hard copy for a gift!

    • Thanks, Jeffrey. I think the audiobook is in production as we speak. It may be closer to the end of January. It takes Audible longer than expected to ready the final product for retail. Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations, Steven. Can’t wait to read the book. You are amazing.

    • Thanks, Lisa. You’ll like this one. Based on my calculations, you and Mike (and the critters) will be safe during the collapse 🙂

      • Lisa

        Mike ordered a Kindle and we will get your book as soon as we get it (supposed to be Thursday). I am so excited for you and your family. This is a huge step and I just know you will be successful. Please don’t forget us (or at least our critters) when you are rich and famous. Much love.

      • Rosemary

        Seems like he already is “rich & famous”, Lisa. Sounds like he has a wonderful family, great & caring friends like you, an awesome God-given talent, and Birkenstocks/shorts in which to do his “job”. What more could a man ask? lol Color me green.

  3. Congratulations, Steven. It’s always good news when your latest comes out.

  4. Rosemary

    Pre-ordered on Amazon, and started reading last night. Oh how I hate work getting in the way of my reading! Loving it so far. Also enjoyed rereading TJP interview again recently. You’re on your way, on your own!! Best of luck to you, Steven. You will do well, I’m sure.

  5. Thanks, Rosemary! It has been quite a journey, especially after quitting my day job. I’m working harder than ever, which is fantastic. I’m furiously typing away at Book Two. Glad you’re enjoying Perseid so far…work is overrated. 🙂

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