Where I write…

Most of the time.


I realized I should explain each of my “offices” a little better. I posted this on Facebook, and one of my friends thought the tall glass was a beer. He missed the 4:30 in the morning part from an earlier post…not that I have a blanket prohibition against beer at 4:30 AM. Here it is. My version of “zero dark thirty,” except it’s no longer dark when I enter. The sun peeks above the horizon far too early in Maine.

“People, friends and family always ask the same question when they find out that I’m a writer, in addition to having a day job. When do you write? 4:30AM, pretty much every day of the year. 5:30 on weekends. It has simply become a habit. There are variations in that schedule, depending on where I am (vacation, overnight trip, visiting family). The picture shows how I start each day, with one notable exception. I’m in between books, so my desk is way neater than usual. For those that are curious. The beverages include, fresh juice (from a juicer…carrot, celery, apple, spinach, ginger, cucumber) and an espresso.”


    • Steven Konkoly says:

      It all depends on where in the writing process I find myself. If I’m deep into one of my novels, it doesn’t matter. I don’t spend much time staring outside. Sometimes the dark adds a sense of urgency to my writing. If I’m in between novels, the light kills my productivity. I turn to the window constantly, even at the early hour, conjuring a dozen things I could be doing that didn’t involve my desk and a computer.

      • Chris says:

        That early in the morning is there a dog laying somewhere to keep you company. Thanks for sharing as I for one do enjoy seeing the behind the sences process. Curious or I guess maybe a little nosy, still fun to know.

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