Black Flagged Vektor

Black Flagged Vektor is finally in the hands of my editor and several beta readers, leaving me in that awkward phase, where I find myself waking up at 4:30 in the morning and watching You Tube videos for 30 minutes, followed by Facebook for another 30…then finally on to something related to writing…sort of. Blog updates. Book reviews. Tardy emails. The list more or less confirms that I’m lost without a book in the works. I still have some work left to prepare Vektor for a mid to late June launch, but it’s not the kind of intense industry that surrounds spinning a story.

Once the story board comes down, I stare out of the window a lot, turning to my computer sporadically. I gave myself one important thing to accomplish this week, among dozens of smaller tasks. Vektor’s synopsis or book blurb. This is often harder to write than a full chapter of the story itself. How do you condense the book into a summary that draws readers into the book, without giving away plot twists? You spend three days of wringing your hands over it, constantly coming back  to change a word, shorten a sentence or trash the whole thing.

I started this on Monday and have been $@#!ing around with it ever since. I think this is nearly the last iteration. Let me know what you think.

Black Flagged Vektor:

“With the recent bioterrorism threat to the United States neutralized, and Dr. Anatoly Reznikov in custody, CIA Deputy Director Karl Berg proposes a permanent solution to prevent future bioweapons attacks against the West.

A covert raid by General Sanderson’s Black Flag unit against Vektor Labs, deep inside Russia…to destroy a program that should have ended with the Cold War.

The U.S isn’t the only country looking to tie up loose ends. The sudden abduction of a CIA officer in Stockholm exposes the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service’s (SVR) ruthless campaign to discover the truth behind the massacre of an elite Spetsnaz team sent to silence Reznikov.

When the SVR investigation takes a turn that could threaten the mission against Vektor, Berg goes “off the books” like never before. Through an intricate web of unsavory alliances, deviously orchestrated political maneuvers and shockingly brutal black-ops action, Karl Berg will set in motion an unstoppable chain of events with the potential to ignite a new Cold War.

Black Flagged Vektor continues the series’ tradition of gritty, unapologetic storytelling, plunging readers even deeper into the murky, shark infested waters navigated by covert operators and their puppet masters.” 


  1. Rosemary says:

    In my opinion, you don’t even need a synopsis…just say Steven Konkoly wrote it, and I’ll line up to buy it !! Seriously, great synopsis as written. I agree with Abe…keep it!! I’m already hooked.

  2. Stephen Levine says:

    Have read all 3 books and thoroughly enjoyed. Can’t wait for Vektor. Love the genre and your series is one of the best. My wife loves fact that you have a bad-ass heroine too!

    If you care…. On editing note, found number of errors along way involving people’s names, spelling, etc.

    • Steven Konkoly says:

      Thank you so much, Stephen. I’m glad to hear that both you and your wife have enjoyed the series. Yes, Jessica Petrovich is a kick-ass character. I only wish I could have divulged her secret earlier in the first novel. It was hard to keep her in the shadows. Book Five will feature Daniel and Jessica together like never before.

      And I care dearly about the editing issues. If you don’t mind, send me an email and we can continue this conversation in a different form.

      I definitely want to hear more about what you found, especially the names. I’ve gone through these books so many times, and the names sometimes confuse even me, so it doesn’t surprise me to hear that you found a few swapped names. I just found an entire paragraph or two of swapped names in the Vektor rough draft. Look forward to hearing from you.


  3. Jim Mitchell says:

    Just finished reading the black flag trilogy and loved every minute of them. Please please can you tell me when the next book is due for release on kindle can’t wait!!!

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