Review of Hugh Howey’s WOOL

When I started to write a review for Hugh Howey’s sensational bestseller WOOL, I found myself with writer’s block. I never get writer’s block. So much has been said about the WOOL series that I struggled to find something new to say…maybe it’s not possible at this point. Hugh Howey is an inspiration to Indie writers like myself, as he continues to slug it out in the trenches, despite the wild success of this series. If you enjoy dystopian science fiction or apocalyptic stories, you can’t pass this one up. Destined to be a classic? I think so. 

What more can be said about Hugh Howey’s WOOL, right? I suspect readers have just barely scratched the surface. WOOL is a delightfully wicked post-apocalyptic story, packed with an even flowing, inexhaustible supply of cleverly crafted allegorical and symbolic devices. From the Silo itself to the division of classes, Howey develops an irresistible world with a jarring number of eye opening parallels to our own pre-apocalyptic existence.

Beyond this lies an engaging dystopian science fiction story, filled with intrigue, deception and hope. The deeper you dig into the series, the better it gets, though I have to admit that the first book in the series was by far my favorite. The job of Sheriff within the Silo reminded me of Sean Connery’s role as Marshall O’Niel, in the early eighties sci-fi classic Outland.

 I agree that Howey’s Wool is destined to be a science fiction classic in the same vein as Heinlein, Bradbury or Asimov. I know this sounds lofty, but Wool has all of the suspenseful, thought provoking, well-developed elements that drew me into the science fiction classics. I look forward to future installments of the Wool series and to catching up on Howey’s books. 


  1. Jon says:

    Absolutely adored the Omnibus edidtion and can’t wait to read the “wool 6” prequel. It just reels you in and you can’t stop. Hugh’s “Molly Fide” books are also a fun and rich science fiction series — not quite as classic as Wool but a wonderful series in its own right.

    Interestingly, I believe it was actually via one of the WOOL product pages that I first stumbled upon your author page and first discovered The Jakarta Pandemic — another great read!

    • Steven Konkoly says:

      Thanks, Jon. I felt so fortunate to read it all at once. I devoured the Omnibus over a very short period of time. I plan to pick up WOOL 6 shortly…I’m psyched that Hugh has 7 and 8 in the works. Without a doubt, the world works in strange ways. I’ve come across some of my favorite books through my connection to the Indie writing world.

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