Interviewed by critically acclaimed author, Russell Blake

Check out this fantastic interview, featuring yours truly, at Russell Blake’s BLOG.  Russell has become my favorite indie author, having written three smash hits over the past year. He is a prolific and engaging writer, that has kept me glued to the pages. I felt honored to be interviewed one his BLOG.

This interview reveals more than I have ever revealed about the process of writing my novels. I hope you enjoy it…there are some new pictures there too!

Steven Konkoly, author interview


  1. Kellie says:

    Great interview! I learned a lot…while I’m a non-fiction kind of girl (writing fiction seems magical to me!), I can relate to much of what you talked about. Often when I sit down to write with a certain idea in mind, I’m surprised when I look down hours later, and see I wrote something completely different. Oh, our imaginations at work. It’s really about showing up at the page, trusting, and allowing the flow of the words to pour out, don’t you think?
    What an incredible life you have to call upon! And I’m in awe of your early morning commitment – I need more of that quiet time to bang out the words if I want to get my book done in some reasonable amount of time, so thanks for scouting that out for me.
    All my best!

  2. Steven Konkoly says:

    Thanks for checking out the interview, Kellie. I’ve developed another bad habit I should have described on Russell’s blog. I sit down, like you described, and I just have to start a scene that is rattling around in my head. It may be something that would come 100 pages down the line, but I’m too excited to simply put it in the flow chart and wait. This actually helps the process immensely, in that I get fired up and move along pages at quite a brisk pace. Something like you described.

    What are you writing for non-fiction? Good luck with the morning routine. It was hard to jump start, but it has paid dividends. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel when I start a novel.

    Good luck with your writing, and keep us posted.

    Best, Steve

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