After Armageddon…everyone should watch this

My son loves to watch The History Channel, and despite our desperate (and often futile) efforts to cut down on our kids’ screen time, I never give him any hassle with the history channel. He found something incredibly interesting today…and we’re all sitting inside on the first sixty degree day of the year watching it.

We’re watching a special called After Armageddon, and it describes what would happen in the event of a severe pandemic. It follows a daily time line, and alternates between a story (follows one family) and expert testimony. It’s extremely compelling, if not frightening.

Amazingly, I can honestly say that I had never viewed this special before. Why amazing? Because my novel, The Jakarta Pandemic, describes nearly the exact same breakdown of society, item by item, in the face of a pandemic…and my novel also focuses on the story of one family’s struggle to survive. My fictional family is a little more prepared of course.

You can view one section at a time on You Tube, if you dare. Here are the links:

After Armageddon Part One

After Armageddon Part Two

After Armageddon Part Three

After Armageddon Part Four

After Armageddon Part Five

After Armageddon Part Six

After Armageddon Part Seven

After Armageddon Part Eight

After Armageddon Part Nine