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1161 Steve Konkoly PERSEID bannerThe Perseid Collapse World: 

“2019. The United States is under attack. Six years after the Jakarta Pandemic killed twenty-eight million Americans, a new nightmare has been unleashed. In the blink of an eye, more than three hundred million Americans lose power, nine out ten cars are rendered useless and anything connected to the power grid is instantly destroyed. Most are blissfully asleep when it happens, unaware that their lives have been forever changed by a sinister, high-tech conspiracy aimed at destabilizing the United States.

In the northeast, rumors of a nuclear detonation surface, followed by confirmed reports of tsunami waves sweeping several miles inland near Boston. With the nation’s communications grid down, reliable information is non-existent. The government is nowhere to be seen. Panic swiftly follows.

In the wake of the collapse, new heroes will rise and unthinkable evils will emerge. The prepared will survive—the rest will be left to the mercy of the harsh aftermath.

You pick the setting. From the windswept steppes of western China to low-earth orbit aboard the International Space Station. From the rocky coast of Maine to the rubble strewn streets of a post-apocalyptic Boston. The Perseid Collapse World offers a diverse platform to tell a thrilling story from any perspective.

You pick the genre. Whether it’s technothriller, prepper-themed, dystopian, military, political, medical or new adult fiction; The Perseid Collapse world provides fertile ground to develop a rich, rewarding story for readers. GET STARTED!

The Perseid Collapse Series Books:

The Perseid Collapse (Book One), Event Horizon (Book Two), Point of Crisis (Book Three),  Dispatches (Book Four) and The Jakarta Pandemic (Prequel).