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Tom AbrahamsTom Abrahams: Television reporter and anchor turned political thriller writer, Tom brings a unique voice and vision to the World with The Pilgrimage Series, a three-part story chronicling one family’s desperate trek from a vacation home in Maine to the Maryland suburbs. Buy CROSSING today!
917Z35X27zL._UX250_Angery American (A. American): When most readers think of modern survivalist/prepper fiction, A. American’s Survivalist Series is at the very top of their list.Angery is the real deal, and it shines in his work. He truly talks the talk and walks the walk so to say…makes me feel like a personal readiness weekend warrior. Angery’s novella is vintage Survivalist Series, with a twist. GRAB RAMBLIN MAN now!

Steve BirdSteven Bird: Commercial airline pilot, retired Navy Chief Petty Officer and author. To say Steven has a varied and interesting background is an understatement. With a passion for homesteading and self-sufficiency, Steven launched, The Last Layover, the first of three novels in The New Homefront Series in March 2014, taking the prepped-themed, post-apocalyptic charts by storm. I was more than thrilled to learn that he planned to join this impressive group of authors. Not only that, Steve will take readers back to The Jakarta Pandemic (prequel to The Perseid Collapse Series) to tell a story I’ve always wanted to tell. Sort of a sympathy for the devil tale, staring everybody’s favorite—Manson. Grab THE EDGE OF CIVILITY before Manson knocks on your door.

Russell3smallRussell Blake: Bestselling New York Times author and co-author to Clive Cussler, Mr. Blake knows a thing or two about intelligent, high-octane thrillers. His talents once again shine in Deadly Calm, where a middle-aged American expat finds himself in the crosshairs of cartel thugs and unrelenting mayhem, as a once idyllic Mexico unravels around his family. Buy DEADLY CALM today!

Ross ElderRoss Elder: Author of The Fireman Saga book series, Ross has extensive experience writing in a variety of media as a columnist for Soldier of Fortune Magazine, and a contributor at several online media outlets such as, TheLoadoutRoom, and His Kindle Worlds series features Zachary Morris, a street savvy twenty-five year old plying through the harsh aftermath of the Perseid Collapse event, the story promises a gritty look at the lethal reality of urban life—in a world suddenly deprived of everything we take for granted. Buy, SCAVENGER, the first book in the series now!

Greg FGreg Ferrell: Author of the apocalyptic saga, Humanity’s Hope, Greg spans the bridge between zombie fiction and prepped-themed fiction with a two part series based in largely in his neck of the woods—Florida. The details of his novellas are shrouded in secret, though I will reveal that on the morning of the Perseid Collapse “event,” a prison transfer will not go down as planned, launching a controversial character on a quest. Check out THE DOG POUND.

Sean F picSean Fitzgerald: Sean’s background is classified. His books, however, are in the open and available. For The Perseid Collapse World, Sean wrote AWAKENING, book one in The Journey series. Set in the Pacific Northwest, AWAKENING takes readers back in time to The Jakarta Pandemic, setting the stage for Conner Dillon’s Journey into the post-apocalyptic breakdown of The Perseid Collapse World.


David ForsythDavid Forsyth; Author of the runaway hit Sedulity Series, David puts his post-apocalyptic-sea adventure writing skills to work in a story chronicling the emergency deployment of the USS Florida, a nuclear submarine in Pacific Fleet’s vast arsenal. If you think the U.S. let the Chinese EMP attack slide—think again. Grab RETRIBUTION today!

Ian GrahamIan Graham: Political and covert operations thriller writer Ian Graham, explores the impact of the “event” on familiar ground. Set in rural Virginia, less than 150 miles from the largest recorded land strike, his story explores the dynamics of a community barely holding on. Pickup THE AMSTERDAM DIRECTORATE now!

G. MichaelG. Michael Hopf: Former Marine, and author of the best selling New World Series, a gritty, no holds barred post-apocalyptic look at the United States after an EMP attack, Mr. Hopf is no stranger to the genre. His novella, DETACHMENT, continues the legacy.


Jamie MaJamie Mason: JAMIE MASON is a Canadian author of dark SF/F whose short fiction has appeared in On Spec, Abyss & Apex and the Canadian Science Fiction Review. He is a member of PEN Canada and a signatory of the Leap Manifesto. He lives on Vancouver Island. Jamie recently published BOOK OF ASHES, a post-apocalyptic novel set on Vancouver Island, in the aftermath of a plague. While in the plague/pandemic mood, he wrote GAVIN’S WAR, a novella set in The Perseid Collapse World.

Seth Turner:

Murray mcDMurray McDonald: Thriller and political writer from Scotland, Murray takes an “up close and personal” look at Red Dragon, the complex international conspiracy perpetrated by China to cripple the United States. Set in Maine, his story promises to be a white-knuckle ride to the “event.” Buy ROCKLAND today!


AR shawA.R. Shaw: Creator of Graham’s Resolution, a three novel series about survivors navigating the post-apocalyptic aftermath of a super-flu, A.R. Shaw brings a unique voice to the World. In her novella, readers will return to Durham Road, to follow Jaime McDaniels story of resilience and survival. Check out her novella, DECEPTION ON DURHAM ROAD today!

Alex ShawAlex Shaw: Author of the Aidan Snow novels Hetman and Cold Black, a covert operations thriller series, Alex brings an international perspective to The Perseid Collapse Series World. A Kyiv based business consultant, Alex has spent close to two decades absorbing the elements that breath life into his novels. He’s done it again in BLACKLINE, the first of three books written about an SAS operative stranded in the U.S. at the outset of The Perseid Collapse.

Sean smithSean T. Smith: Author of the Wrath Series, a post-apocalyptic series set in the aftermath of a collapsed United States, Sean takes readers south to the Florida Keys, at a time when thousands of college students should be descending on the islands for spring break. Obviously, things are a little different several months after the “event.” Unrecognizable. SUNSHINE PATRIOTS is a heart pounding view of the collapse, from the inside.

Tim QueeneyTim Queeney: An adventure thriller writer with a flare for exotic and remote locations (most of them frozen), Tim’s story is set at Thule Air Force Base, home to the 21st Space Wing’s global network of  missile warning and space surveillance sensors—AND it is truly one of the most unique additions to The Perseid Collapse World. You won’t expect the ending. THE BOREALIS INCIDENT is steeped in action and mystery.

Sean F picSean Fitzgerald: Sean’s background is classified. His books, however, are in the open and available. For The Perseid Collapse World, Sean wrote AWAKENING, book one in The Journey series. Set in the Pacific Northwest, AWAKENING takes readers back in time to The Jakarta Pandemic, setting the stage for Conner Dillon’s Journey into the post-apocalyptic breakdown of The Perseid Collapse World.


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  5. Thank you so much for this Perseid Collapse authors list and the intros, Steven. I was listening to the Bobby Akart interviews on You Tube and was actually taking the time to scratch out a list on Notepad based on your comments. Then it dawned on me you might already have a list. Duh. Timely stories!

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