Prequels to Blake Crouch’s wildly popular Wayward Pines Trilogy

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“David Pilcher predicted mankind’s fall. The world as everyone knew it would be gone when his people emerged to rebuild Wayward Pines–a cozy, idyllic town hidden in the Idaho mountains. Only one obstacle stands in the way. An enemy far deadlier than Pilcher ever imagined possible. A powerful, uncompromising adversary–immune to fear and devoid of mercy. Humankind’s worst nightmare.”

The vicious struggle to build Wayward Pines unfolds in the definitive prequel to The Wayward Pines series.

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Part One


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Part Two



Part Three


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OMNIBUS Collection (Parts 1,2 and 3)

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  1. Luke Chaffee

    Book four in Wayward Pines and three in Fractured State coming? I hope so!

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