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If you’re reading this, you’ve either arrived here on your own, or I’ve nudged you to this page. Welcome and THANK YOU for considering the possibility of writing in The Perseid Collapse Series World.

Before I send you to Amazon’s far better organized explanation of how the system works, I wanted to cover the basics with you. These basics apply whether you’re a published author or an excited reader dying to add his or her expansion to the Perseid World.

1.) This is paid fan-fiction, where Amazon sells your story (in ebook format) and you get paid a royalty for each story sold. I also get paid a royalty for each story sold. I wanted to make this clear up front. You get paid more than I do. 

2.) You will essentially enter into an agreement with Amazon, with terms and conditions. One of the conditions is that you will cede the rights to your story to Kindle Worlds. This makes sense, since the story you will write contains copyrighted elements of my original series.

3.) Speaking of the elements in The Perseid Collapse Series, I’ve put together a PRIMER that includes general World descriptions, Character Descriptions and Plot Synopses (for the first three Perseid books). My goal for publishing this is to help you craft a world as closely fitting to the original as possible. With that said, this is your story and your voice. The Primer is guide to help.

4.) I even help you with story ideas! Check out a LIST of SPIN-OFF STORIES you could make your own.

4.) Your work will need a cover. Before you start to panic, DON’T. I’m trying to make this as easy as possible for writers, seasoned and new. I’ve commissioned a set of template covers to be added to the “Cover Creator” system in Kindle Worlds. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of 10-15 apocalyptic covers designed to complement the Perseid Collapse Series, along with a bunch of related images. See Images of the Collapse for a sampling of what you can find. I feel confident that you’ll find what you need to create a smashing cover.

5.) Your final uploaded manuscript should be proofed. That doesn’t mean you need to pay someone to edit your story. I recommend getting a second set of eyes on the manuscript. Trust me, from experience I can tell you that most of us are blind to our typos and botched sentences. I’m especially blind.

5.) HAVE FUN, and please reach out to me to discuss your story or concerns.

All right, now you should check out HOW IT WORKS. 

After that, head over to The Perseid Collapse Series Kindle Worlds landing page to start! (active February 3, 2015)

Good Luck!


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