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After more than a year since my last novel sized release…

I finally have something to prove that I haven’t been on a 14 month sabbatical from writing! 

FRACTURED STATE is now available for purchase as an ebook, audiobook or hardcopy.


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I know you’re going to love Fractured State, and the rest of the books to come. The series promises to be incredible. I just delivered the second book to my publisher, Thomas and Mercer, and they’re busy tearing it apart—in a good way.

Check out Thomas and Mercer’s series description for a taste of the entire series. This paragraph absolutely captures the essence of what I set out to accomplish…almost like mind reading!

“Steven Konkoly’s Fractured State series charts a nightmarish near-future vision of America, ravaged by environmental devastation and teetering on the brink of political collapse. When average family man Nathan Fisher unwittingly learns of a terrifying conspiracy at the highest levels of power, he and his family must run for their lives, pursued by ruthless killers and aided by a resourceful Marine with a mysterious agenda of his own. Unrelenting suspense; rich, relatable characters; and a vividly imagined, all-too-believable future world of high technology and low-down violence: welcome to Fractured State.”

Thank you for checking out the series. Don’t forget to check out some of my earlier “behind the scenes” of Fractured State posts!

BEHIND THE SCENES of Fractured State


  1. Mohler, Thomas says:

    I was pleasantly surprised when your book showed up last night in my que! Finishing another book and will read your later today!
    Tom Mohler

    Col Thomas C. Mohler
    Military Order of Foreign Wars (MOFW)
    Texas Commandery
    2303 RR 620 S., Suite 135
    Austin, TX 78734
    Deus et Libertas

  2. Patricia Wilson says:

    Exciting, fast paced, imaginative,, creative, and well written. Clearly another winner for your fans. Thanks, Steve. Wishing for the next volume already. No pressure there. Just me being selfish.

  3. Lou Bartalot says:

    I finished Fractured State Wednesday. By far Steve’s best book. It is also one of the cleanest in terms of typos that I have seen in years. So kudos to Steve and the whole team

    • Steven Konkoly says:

      Thanks, Lou! I had a lot of eyes on that book. I’m glad you think it was my best. I REALLY loved the way the story shaped up. Hope you think book 2 meets the same standard.

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