Author Spotlight and Cover Reveal: Ross Elder

The Perseid Collapse Series Kindle World

Author Spotlight and Cover Reveal: Ross Elder

Ross ElderRoss Elder is not an easy man to describe in a blog post, which is a good thing as you’ll see. I’ve known Ross for a while through Facebook, eagerly awaiting his next scathingly accurate assessment of current events, conspiracy theories and our nation’s politicians. He doesn’t mince words, and he most certainly doesn’t mince the truth, which is what I’ve come to greatly admire about him. On top of that, Ross is a combat veteran, having fought in Afghanistan. Even more interesting, his military career spans 30 years and more than one military branch—starting in the 80’s! He took a short hiatus somewhere in there to give everyone else a chance to catch up. 😉

When Ross recently announced his intention to write in the Perseid Collapse Series World, I was ecstatic. He has extensive experience writing: a freelance writer, columnist for Soldier of Fortune Magazine, author of The Fireman Saga book series, and a contributor at several online media outlets such as, TheLoadoutRoom, and I knew without a doubt that his novella would hit all of the right notes for the readers of the Perseid series, and from what I’ve read so far, he’s knocked it out of the park.

ScavengerSCAVENGER, the first in a series of novellas, will be available soon. His story features Zachary Morris, a street savvy twenty-five year old plying through the harsh aftermath of the Perseid Collapse event, the story promises a gritty look at the lethal reality of urban life—in a world suddenly deprived of everything we take for granted.While we eagerly await SCAVENGER, check out his public persona at ROSS-ELDER.COM


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