Author Spotlight: Steven Bird

The Perseid Collapse Series Kindle World

Author Spotlight: Steven Bird

Steve BirdSteven Bird delivered an early birthday present with the announcement that he would take readers on a trip down memory lane with his Perseid Collapse Series Kindle World novella. Steve brings us back to The Jakarta Pandemic, telling Manson’s side of the story. “Manson” was the nickname given to the leader of a rather troublesome (and murderous) group of Massachusetts refugees, by Alex Fletcher, the story’s main character. I was particularly excited, because I knew this meant “Manson” would finally get a real name. Jake Turner. I like it.

Beyond coming up with names for my favorite nicknamed characters, Steve brings an impressive post-apocalyptic repertoire to the table. His New Homefront Series features three novels set in a world on the verge of total collapse. He leverages his experience as a commercial airline pilot and avid homesteader/prepper to bring readers a unique SHTF experience. I have not doubt he will bring the same expert perspective to his Perseid Collapse novella.

Check out Steven Bird’s website. 

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