Author Spotlight: David Forsyth

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Author Spotlight: David Forsyth

Retribution coverTiming couldn’t have been better to bring post-apocalyptic bestseller, David Forsyth, into the Kindle World fold. I knew he was between novels, and I had just read an fantastic chapter he had written from the perspective of a submarine crew. An idea immediately formed, and I reached out with a basic story idea (barely an idea), which David has improved twenty fold over a fifty-thousand word writing spree. Truly, all I did was suggest a possible link between an event that occurs in my forth Perseid novel, Dispatches, and submarines…and the rest is history.

290px-USS_Georgia_(SSGN_729)Readers are in for a treat, as David shepherds the U.S.’s response to China’s involvement in attack against America. You’re in for a treat, as the crew of the USS Florida, a cruise missile capable, nuclear submarine (SSGN), plies the waters of the Taiwan Strait, administering payback…U.S. style! Needless to say, neither of us will be granted visas to visit China any time soon!

Check out David’s work at Amazon. He’s the author of a blistering, Lucifer’s Hammer style series, called Sedulity, and a sea-based zombie series…Voyage of the Dead: Sovereign Spirits Saga. You don’t want to go on a cruise with David. Trust me on that.

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