You Tube review of The Jakarta Pandemic

As all of you hopefully know, I encourage readers to contact me with questions or suggestions regarding my book, and I actually hear from some of them. Most of them are surprised to hear back from me, which I can’t believe. Hearing from readers is one of the most rewarding aspects of writing a book. It’s proof that someone actually read it, and didn’t just need to spend the remaining three dollars on their Amazon gift card. I suppose some of you will remind me of this post, when I hit the big time author circuit, and get swamped with fan mail. Back to reality Steve.

So the other day, I started a conversation with a reader from my home state of Indiana. After exchanging a few emails, he said he would do a review of my book on his You Tube channel. What? I thought people just posted videos that featured laughing babies on You Tube. I didn’t realize that some people actually used it for constructive purposes. I was wrong.  Below is the link to my first “live” review. The only thing that upsets me about this, is that I didn’t think of this first. Thanks, Hooser9mm for opening my eyes to a whole new marketing angle…and for a helluva nice review. Also, he offers a few additional videos that highlight some easy to implement, basic disaster survival strategies (for the family), which tie in nicely to the preparation strategies employed by the Fletcher family in The Jakarta Pandemic.

You Tube Review of The Jakarta Pandemic.


  1. Lisa says:

    Woo hoo – great review. I’m just about half way through (slow reader) and it is really getting exciting. Just saw “The Road” on TV the other day; great movie and hope your book becomes a movie one day too. YAY!!!!!

    • Steven Konkoly says:

      Thanks Lisa. If you liked The Road, then my book should might come across as uplifting. I loved the book (The Road), and the father/son story. Despite the perpetual gloominess of the setting, it was a really touching story. The movie did a great job capturing the bleakness of the world, and the beauty of their relationship…so much so that Kosia couldn’t get more than 10 minutes into the movie. I’m glad you’re enjoying the book.

  2. Annette says:

    Just finished reading The Jakarta Pandemic. It was a great read. I stayed up too late for 3 nights because I had to know what happened. I can’t wait for your new books! I’m always looking for a great new author and I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking fora good book! Thank you.

    • Steven Konkoly says:

      Thanks, Annette. This may sound bad, but I’m glad you lost sleep reading my book. I currently have two projects “in the works.” One of them is a companion novel to The Jakarta Pandemic, which I will announce shortly. This may be the first public acknowledgment of this project. The other is more of a straight espionage/government thriller. I plan to post the prologue and an additional sample chapter here soon (I’ve been saying that for a little while now…but it will happen soon). Thank you again for the kind words.

  3. Anna says:

    I’m compelled to contact you before I even complete reading Jakarta Pandemic (Kindle version) and tell you how much I am enjoying it. My background is comparative lit and MS in National Security with concentration in intelligence analysis, so I appreciate the preparedness/vigilance state of mind and its contrasts (e.g., Todd et al.) in JP.
    I read “The Road” too – could you make your books as long? Looking forward to your next work!

    • Steven Konkoly says:

      Thanks Anna. Sounds like you have an interesting educational background. Glad your enjoying the book so far. You’ll probably like my next book even better. It involves several intelligence agencies and a host of operative types. Very different than JP, but similar in tone.

      The Road was a fantastic read. Amazing to see such a bleak setting transformed into a touching story. The Road was a shorter story right? Are you finding JP too long? Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. I’ve developed thicker skin since launching JP. Any feedback is appreciated. I also have a major re-edit in the works, which may address what you’re hinting about. Let me know. Send me an e-mail.

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